Our program Discovery is broadcast throughout the world on radio and the internet:

Trans World Radio UK

To the UK, Ireland, Europe

Saturdays at 0645 and 1545 (local time) on:

Sky Channel 0138

Freesat Channel 790

Freeview HD Channel 733

on the Internet.

Flame Christian Community Radio Wirral UK

Monday to Friday at 0915 (local time) (can be variable) on:

Medium Wave 1521 kHz

on the internet.

Trans World Radio Africa

Saturdays at 0930 (local time) on:

Short Wave on 4775 kHz (60 metres) and 6210 kHz (49 metres)

Satellite on DSTV TWR Radio 155 (and VIVID TWR Radio Channel 322

on the internet

Saturdays at 1930 (local time) on:

Satellite on DSTV TWR Radio 155

on the internet

Trans World Radio Benin

Sundays at 1805 (local time) on:

Medium Wave on 1566 kHz

TWR Malawi FM Network

Sundays at 2245 local time on:

the FM stations broadcasting from Zomba,  Mvera, Dedza, Blantyre, Mzimba, Ntchisi

Updated July 2016